27 May 2021

Tuscan Proverbs

Idioms are expressions that are used in spoken language to reinforce what is being expressed.

There are many Italian proverbs that are used daily; but what are the main Tuscan sayings?
The list is very long but we have selected for you the nicest sayings of our tradition.

1. "Who listens to the brains of others, throws away his" = who cares too much about what people say and thinks they go crazy.
2. "Ugly in band, beautiful in the square" = that is, who has a bad appearance as a newborn, often becomes a handsome young man.
3. "You have to be foolish not to pay the salt" = the greatest shrewdness is to not appear smart.

4. "Change the players but the music is always the same" = the context is the same but the subjects are different.
5. "Whoever climbs higher than he must not, falls lower than he does not believe." = Those who try to do something that is not in their abilities when failure is unsuccessful is bigger.
6. "Open door for the one who brings, and the one who does not bring, leave" = you welcome the one who comes carrying a gift, otherwise it is better if you go back.
7. "Today bad, tomorrow well, take the world as it comes" = we don't know what will happen and how it will go, but we must adapt.
8. "What was hard to suffer is sweet to remember" = what made you feel bad in the past is nice to remember it in the present.
9. "Those who praise themselves will cheat" = those who praise themselves will end up getting burned, therefore they will have more damage than advantages.
10. "Who is taller, everyone's target" = the more respectable and known you are, the more they will try to bring you down.

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