27 May 2021

Wine road



The country around Vinci long time ago, in the middle of the fifteenth century showed the signs of the ingenuity of man.
Castles, small towns, farms and stretches of cultivated fields.

Within this landscape the young Leonardo went round. He certainly looked at the machines used for work and thought about how they could be improved.
The ultimate goal was man’s supremacy over nature and how make use of it to achieve maximum results.
The maximum results in the gastronomy and beauty of the landscape.

And the beautiful landscapes certainly were not lacking.
The look was lost all around in the magnificence of cities, hills and vineyards.

In this landscape we want to take you on an ideal walk.

Vinci, Lamporecchio, Cerreto Guidi, Limite e Capraia, Spicchio, Vitolini, Faltognano will be the stops of this trip around the places inhabited by Leonardo.

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